Oh hey, I didn't see you there. My name's Jon. In case you aren't familiar, I'm the one that looks like the lead in a daytime movie about the life and times of Screech from Saved by the Bell. Anyway, I'm here to say that this space on our website will be dedicated to us coming in and writing funny little articles about whatever pops into our heads. What's that you say? Can I be a little more specific? All right, but let me just say that I don't like your tone.

I'm a big fan of movies, new and old, so I'll probably be stopping by once in awhile to give my two cents on those (they'll be funny, relax). Also, I'm living in Trump's America now, so it's a safe bet that I'll have plenty to say about that as well. Jackson is our certified sports guy and a genuine WWE connoisseur, so prepare yourself for the SmackDown as he takes it all on one keyboard clickity-clack at a time (I don't know if he will actually do this as I wrote this without telling him). And finally, Mike loves dog fights, so get ready to be constantly bombarded with articles about those. We may even write behind-the-scenes tidbits involving our sketches if they happen to be particularly eventful. Who knows! The possibilities are endless.

So, like calling your mother, check back in with us every now and then, and we'll have new words for your eyes to read and laughs for your soul to sing. I don't know. That sounded better in my head. I promise we will never have a sentence as terrible as that one again. Until next time.